Vietnam is divided into three main regions, with each region having its own specific diet. Through various influences throughout the centuries, including neighboring regions such as Cambodia, china, Laos and Thailand has formed to what is known today as one of the premiere cuisines in the world.

Food is a large part of the Vietnamese culture and learning how to prepare different dishes and to understand the preparation is a new found interest some may have for the Vietnamese Cuisine.

So, let’s learn how to cook authentic Vietnamese food and learn how to enjoy them properly as Vietnamese does in our home kitchen.

Unlike many classes, you can choose day, time, and the dishes you want to cook. We are very attentive to your needs and patient no rushing at all. The class will be held in a Vietnamese house. From which, we plan to take you to a real Vietnamese open market as a market trip nearby the cooking class house where you can experience how to do bargain, how to choose the best veggie and other stuffs for cooking. You will then be guided by a charming, professional “chef” on how to make a preparation from the ingredients you bought at the market, followed by making delicious healthy food using these ingredients. Each lesson covers three dishes, one starter and two main courses. The dessert is of course included. After cooking, it is time for enjoying and having fun. You will seat and enjoy the food you made together. We are sure that the food does not get any delicious than this.

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